First Continent

Jeremy Cimafonte

January 30 - February 20, 2016

Opening reception January 30, 7 to 9PM

Print is a dead man walking, perpetually revived by the institutions in need of it most. Pragmatic and necessary at its advent, the path towards its irrelevance would not be seen without the extensive development of entire industries around itself. Now indefinitely preserved by this retroactive self-necessitation, an encounter with the printed can verge on the schizophrenic... A magazine tells us that the world is changing. Scanned and re-printed on sheets of aluminum at a scale slightly larger than life, the new objects further accentuate the critical difference between representation and simulation-a tension already at work in the originary found object. Screenshots of virtual landscapes are casually attached by temporary means both affirming and contradicting the aforementioned physical transformation. Meanwhile the dumb eye of a LIDAR scanner documents the exhibition, taking in only its spatial dimensions.
Jeremy Cimafonte is a product designer living and working in San Francisco.