First Continent

Paul Levack

March 4 - April 15, 2017

Opening reception March 4, 7 - 9PM

This was back before Uber was what it is now and we sped away in a black E-Class. I gave you the bedroom that night and we both banged in adjoining rooms. I didn't actually give the room to you, but you left the bar first with a tall blonde and I stayed longer. I brought a couple women home with me. Honestly I didn't know how to get home so that's mostly why. One had this inspirational text tattoo down her torso and as soon as I saw her in the light I was like what the ....but I told her it was beautiful and that I really liked it. It was an Artaud quote. No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell. I kicked her out in the morning but she left one of her mittens and your guy left a Rolex in the bathroom. They both came back for their belongings but we were already in the cab. "Bye, bitch," you whispered through a smirk. You always spend all the money you have right when you get it and you love pleasure. That makes you broke once or twice a month so I thought taking the watch was a good idea. You could sell it. You're so into precision and mechanics, like, I know that is a vague and arbitrary thing to say but what I mean is that you are inspired by cars, airplanes, cameras and color correction. You told me once your dream car was a Bugatti Coupé de ville and I thought that was the gayest thing you could want but after that I understood you better. So keep the watch and wear it. I really wasn't sure what you would do, plus both options suited you so well. It seemed like you wouldn't be able to part with it because when we got back to Chicago everyone was really impressed by what an asshole you looked like wearing it. You'd say his name the European way like "Oh my Danish friend Yo-nah-tahn gave me this." Look, just so you know: it doesn't matter to me or anyone else except maybe him. Sent from my iPad -Olivia Coran 26/2/2017
Ohio born, Chicago based artist Paul Levack (b.1992) will present 14 new photographs from March 5 through April 15, 2017.